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Save the Soaked Carpet

Aug. 10, 2022

Recently, most parts of the country have entered the rainy season. When we go out, we need to often check all kinds of heavy rain, strong wind, and lightning warning, pay attention to stagnant water leakage, prevent falling objects, and protect personal safety. Indoor, the awareness of disaster prevention and preparedness also needs to be strengthened. Rainstorm irrigation, broken water pipes, and neighbor leakage may cause their own furniture to soak in water! What if the furniture is soaked? It is possible that your hundreds of thousands or even millions of investment in furniture will depreciate instantly!

Save the Soaked Carpet


Save the soaked carpet

We are happy to share with you a little knowledge about soaking carpet disaster relief. Although the knowledge point is small, it may become a bag to save hundreds of thousands or even millions of your investment at the moment of an accident! Just collect it!


1. Daylight damage.

Even if the carpet has not been soaked in water, direct sunlight can make the carpet lighter and fade in daily use. The strength of the carpet fiber will also be damaged, weakening the fiber and shortening the service life of the carpet. This is a common problem in carpet use and maintenance, "daylight damage". The exposure time, color, color saturation, dye type and dyeing method of different carpets will determine the degree of sunlight damage. "Sunlight infringement" is even more deadly for the preservation of the value of oriental blankets with complex and bright colors. Therefore, please do not let the soaked carpet be exposed to direct sunlight. This operation will only aggravate the damage to the carpet!


2. Drying deformation.

The user's most intuitive feeling is that the carpet is thick and heavy, some of the carpet fibers are arranged very closely, and some are relatively long. When the carpet is soaked in water, the first instinct is to "dry" quickly! The fact is that the moisture content of the carpet is decreasing in the process of drying, and the elasticity of the fiber will be reduced accordingly, which is easy to shrink. In the process of moisture reduction, if the carpet is not placed in parallel on the ground, there will be a "stereotyped" phenomenon. When the carpet is dried and then paved back, if the straight lines on the four sides of the carpet are not straight, it means that the carpet has been deformed. "stereotyped" carpets take a long time to recover, and there is also a risk of irrecoverability. Therefore, the seemingly "scientific" operation to increase the ventilation on the back of the carpet is absolutely undesirable.

Save the Soaked Carpet


3. Drying and tanning.

Improper basking on soaked carpets and hanging in the sun will not only cause the above drying deformation, but also lead to drying and tanning. The color fastness of the carpet soaked in water for a long time is weakened. if you use the sun or hanging sun, the color will spread down the water droplets, which is likely to cause white ear dyeing around the carpet. This is the second damage to the soaked carpet.


4. The carpet is yellowing.

There are many reasons for carpet yellowing, the most important of which are the following three: first, the fibers woven by natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp and other plant materials, are easy to yellowing when exposed to water; second, due to the residue at the bottom of the carpet caused by the previous improper cleaning, the dried residue will act again after soaking in the carpet, and the carpet fiber will show acid-base imbalance, resulting in yellowing of the carpet. Third, the technological problems of the carpet itself: generally, the carpet with a glued back is degummed after soaking in water, and the glue is dissolved and returns to the surface layer along the fiber because of the "capillary" principle, resulting in yellowing and hardening of the surface. It is precisely because the reasons for carpet yellowing are complex and diverse, professional cleaning and maintenance knowledge is needed to pre-check and prejudge the situation of the carpet in order to prescribe the right medicine. Therefore, please do not deal with the yellowing of soaked carpet without authorization! What's more, don't blindly use the bleach common on the market to remove yellowing. Such an operation will lead to the complete death penalty for the carpet that had a chance to be saved. Don't joke with your valuable investment!


5. Mildew and bad smell.

The growth of mold depends on organic matter. The composition of microorganisms on the soaked carpet is complex, soaking in water for too long will lead to microbial derivation, peculiar smell and mildew. Mold can cause degradation of fiber toughness and irreversible problems such as discoloration. Through the deep cleaning of the carpet and eliminate virus, we can desalinate mildew spots and mildew spots, and inhibit the growth of new molds at the same time. However, the moldy spots and mildew spots that have been grown cannot be removed 100% (if the mold is forcibly stripped from the fiber of the soft fabric with a powerful agent, it will damage the fiber itself and cause the fiber to fall off or even open). Therefore, when the accident of soaking carpet happens unfortunately, "time" is the golden rule of disaster relief!

Save the Soaked Carpet


Please save yourself correctly during the golden rescue time!

It is strongly recommended that you save your carpet in a timely and appropriate manner during the golden disaster relief time that just happened. Let's try our best to restore the original appearance of the carpet and regenerate the soaked carpet!

Save the Soaked Carpet

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